What is Paper Origami

Our instructions are apparent and straightforward, with actual photographs of the actual folding process to help you along.
Most of us have experienced the childhood pleasure of creating an easy origami item, most often a paper airplane.

You will be able to relieve stress and recapture some of which satisfaction with a minimum quick folds of paper!

Did you know that origami came from the japanese words "Oru" meaning "to fold" and "kami" meaning "paper"? And that is exactly what we all do here - fold paper! There's almost nothing quite like the thrill you will get through modifying an ordinary block piece of paper towards a carrier, creature, flower, etc. It still leaves a smile on our faces whenever we complete an origami!

We created this website due to our passion for everything creative.

If you'd like to experience the treats of creating nearly anything together with your kids, take a look at our origami for kids to make cabanon.
There's also quick and simple origami for starters and delightful origami plants.
We've furthermore added in trip origami with things like  shamrock or clover for St Patrick's day, Easter chicks, halloween pumpkin and more!

For the more adventurous folder, we have modular origami items like the common ninja nova or shuriken, cube and even more.
Additionally there is unusual and clarifying products, for instance origami recommendations for any money bill, and the reputation for origami.
Discover ways to fold napkins and impress your dinner guests!
If you'd like origami report or would love an ebook on origami, have a look at our gift item shop.
Origami is enjoyable, basic, economical and great for sharing with others. This is an activity that has been transferred derived from one of generation to a different, even with huge technical | scientific innovations. Let's make certain that it should keep on for many decades to come.
Follow our instructions in making a situation today, without delay! Pleasant towards the fold!


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  1. Any type of paper can be used in paper origami right?? I would like to use A3 paper for this.


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