About Us

Paper Origami.blogspot.com is a free collection of Paper origami collected from different websites. All instructions, pictures and tutorials here are contributed by the original maker. I am recognizing the credit to the original creator of every works posted here. This blog is soliciting your ability if you are good in Origami you can share your ideas with us so many people who are in the same hobbies with us will enjoy their stay in this site. I am a working students so I made this blog in order to aid my school financial needs.

Paper Origami is blog consist of a collection of Origami gathered all throughout the web. This is compose of traditional, basic, decorative, fun, animal, flowers and any other related origami products. We do not claim that all images posted here are made by us. The main source of this Blog from the web is the Origami Club. which was founded by the author Fumiaki Shingu. All collection and picture here are credited to him. If you found that some of the works here are yours and not at the author above you can contact us directly using contact us page. If The author found this site to be offensive and should not continue to publish its own works you can contact us also for us to remove it to our blog. in our Home page we link this blog to the original site to recognize that it is their works Thanks for staying active in this blog.