Money Origami Penguin

How to make dollar origami Penguin

Simple Guide on money origami penguin, this guide is a simplified version of how to make amazing dollar origami. 

The model use here is made of paper, but you can use directly a dollar bill to create this stunning origami.

Step 1: Fold the dollar in half, lengthwise
Step 2: Fold one corner (airplane fold style)
penguin dollar bill tutorial

Step 3: Make the point more sharper by folding it again
Step 4: Fold the dollar bill in half folded corners should be inside
money origami penguin

Step 5: Reverse fold the dollar, see image below, make sure that the point is perpendicular to the rectangle, 
Step 6: Reverse fold again this time along the edge of the new triangle
dollar penguin origami

Step 7: Crimp fold the section through the obtuse triangle, see image below
easy penguin origami

Step 8: Reverse fold the two small flaps inward, see image below
3d penguin origami

Step 9: Reverse fold the corner of rectangle at 45 angle, see image below
penguin origami

The result is different from the featured photo above

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