Dollar bill origami earrings - Photos

Unique dollar bill origami earrings on the web

Here is a collection of useful dollar bill origami, first in the list the origami bill as earrings, I did a little research about dollar origami, and I found that nowadays money origami has been widely used in all walks of life. Origami as an earring is quite unusual but i found it to be unique, Here are some photos of some of the best money earrings 

Dollar bill origami earrings best collections

T-shirt dollar bill earrings- This i found in ebay.com it's a little bit costly around
$19.95 you can give a try though.
T-shirt dollar bill earrings

T-shirt dollar bill earrings

Swan bill origami earrings - you probably fun of animals origami, you can try this awesome birds origami.
swan dollar bill earrings

Four leaf clover earrings origami - This one I found on etsy.com a little bit cheaper around $14.45 (imagesource: etsy.com)

dollar bill earrings etsy

dollar bill earrings cheap

Dollar fish earring origami- Here the cheapest I found around $12.25
dollar fish origami earrings

There are still plenty of dollar bill earrings out there if you want to share your own work, you can upload it here in the comment section.

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