How to make Origami Lampshade

Step by Step Instruction in making Lampshade Origami


Origami lampshade tutorial here I want to show you how to make lampshade out of paper this origami is so cool and wonderful effect. You can use this in your own personal room, in the classroom or in any decorations that suit this.

Here how to start:
Step # 1: You need to make a rectangle. You can do any size that you want. Not  it is better to use Hard paper to emphasize its folded parts. Divide the paper in half by combing both ends. Then, fold again by the same technique so you will have 3 to 4 folds depending the size of your rectangle. If you have three panels divide it again by folding until you reach 12 parts in the entire sheets. (Don’t worry about number of division in each sheet you 
may use less or more)

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Step # 2: Fold and divide the sheet into four parts horizontally see photo below. Make a diagonal pattern like in the image. Make sure that the folded parts is equal you may 
use ruler for better accuracy.


Step # 3. make sure that there is no misalignment
 for good quality


You should come up with this photo below.

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Step # 4: Now gather all folds together as shown on the photo below. Note: After this You have to make one. You have to add another pieces and join several pieces using glue.

Note: Also your Diamond should be made long 
and narrow to gather the fold easily.


Step # 5: To gather the folds in place, punch small holes on every other panel and insert string. Secure the 
string by tying it together

Paper Lamshade

Your finished product will be like this. Enjoy!


I forget to mention this amazing works, for commercial works they called it FACING THE MOON XL - ORIGAMI LAMPSHADE. It's very big, and ideal for large room.
huge-big-buy-good quality-commercial

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decoration-house-for wedding-how much
DIMENSIONS:  45 x 40 cm (B x H) 17.72 x 15.75 inch (d x h)

Made from high quality mat paper with a noble appearance, acid- and lighting free, durable for a long time; natural white; without lighting it's opaque - when illuminated it's amazingly translucent. It's made from from one flat sheet of paper. The tricky folding results in a three-dimensional extraordinary luminous object. The folds appear geometric and modern.
The lampshade is easy to clean. Because of its smooth surface only little cleaning is needed. A little dust is easily to blow away or to wipe off with a feather duster. FACING THE MOON XL is the bigger version of FACING THE MOON. It is simply hung on a lamp socket, which you can get at any hardware store etc. for little money.

You can get it from amazon for $160 from $199

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