Paperorigami.blogspot.com is a blog which will help you create basic and intermediate lesson for folding variety of Origami type. The author of this blog does not claim all item found here including pictures and text are not genuine or made by the author solely. 98 percent of the pages posted here are just copied and modify for fun purposes only.The author gives credits to its original contributor.

If in any case I happen to publish images here which are belong to you and you are not given properly credits are you feel your rights are violated, just us the contact us page and contact me regarding about that matter. I in my utmost available time after reading your complaint will remove any violated rights from this blog.

If you found any offensive images, inappropriate post which distracts viewers which I failed to recognize please inform me for clarification and removal of the said post. Sometimes you may find unusual comments on the comments box which is offensive, rude or in appropriate I am not liable to that but if found such things I will do my best to make any moderation.

Thank you for your support

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