Animals Origami: Peacock Origami

Peacock Origami

This is simple tutorial for peacock origami. Peacock is characterize by its awesome feature featuring different colors. To tell you honestly I never yet experience in my life experience seeing peacock in reality. but in google and internet I saw plenty of its picture here in the philippines the most familiar peacock is only found in palawan province. they have the race specie of peacock in the whole archepelago. If just like me you haven't experience seeing peacock in reality today I will give you the procedure of folding origami peacock diagram it so simple just follow some simple steps below. You can check my post on animals origami for more origami animals

Peacock Origami

  Peacock Origami Folding Diagram

Origami Peacock
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  1. What dotted lines am I supposed to fold on? This makes no sense.


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