Origami and Mathematics

Mathematics and origami are two related entities, basically, if you fold a piece of paper twice, you will get two shape with same size, so, there's is mathematical rules which governs it. and If you bright people will try to figure out how those rules will be materialize that would make origami world more easier.
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For years there numerous research done between from 1992 to 2002 about origami and math, and researchers were able to produced a total of 7 axioms for folding paper, its very interesting, isn't?

This axioms are very similar to Euclid's method in geometry. 

I found a blogger and origami enthusiast on the web who to work out something different about paper folding
He wants to create a collection of creases and their associated information, and turn it into a model that would finished the product. 

So far, there's no mathematical formula specifically use to solve origami folding, What i mean is, you choose what origami to fold, get calculator and solve all the folds and crease with just single formula. I heard some computer based origami I think they were be able to make pattern of a particular origami diagram using computer to solve its folds and creases. 

You can read his work on the this LINK

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