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Smart Paper Origami a new technology for paper folding

graphene sheet
Image  credit: http://www.ubergizmo.com/
Smart paper- We are now living in new and high-tech generation. All throughout the years technologies we use is on the rise. We have smartphones, smart watches, smart cars, smart homes. How about smart paper? When I say smart paper I'm not talking about paper where your mistake will be automatically be corrected, I'm talking in the context of paper folding in origami , This smart paper is capable of self-folding. Imagine a paper where it folds by himself, This all possible with Graphene paper. Researchers from china was able to come up with origami-like objects which are capable of moving around whenever both heat and light are applied. 

Needless to say, it is origami that proved to be the original inspiration for this team of researcher from Donghua University. The graphene sheets, is composed of two sheets that are one atom thick each, infused with hydrogen and oxygen compounds, the graphene sheet can able to absorb water and air so some sections of the paper can be manipulated to shrink, bend and even move around when heat is applied.

Digital representations of graphene sheet

Image Credit: http://www.jameshedberg.com/

Graphene sheet
Image credit:http://www.jameshedberg.com/

Some also think some application of it in the form of clothing - allowing clothes to changes its shape dynamic and style in response to body temperature- which will give more flexibility to users. Other possible use of this self-folding paper would be to implement them in miniature robots (Transformers-someday), artificial muscle, and tissue Engineering.

Video of graphene sheet that reacts to the light

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