UFO Origami

 UFO Origami Instructions

Let us learn how to make UFO Origami, In this tutorial you are going to learn how to make simple UFO origami, there are many version of it around the web, but this one is the simplest of all.


UFO Origami Diagram

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Origami UFO
Another Version of UFO origami I found is in Youtube, 

Flying UFO Origami

The set of instruction is very simple

by: TheShaneBeMeShow

UFO Paper Airplane

These includes step by step approach of folding UFO 
Paper airplane, others called it Pope's hat. 

by: Origami Designs

UFO Paper Airplane

Original Made by Boomerang, Paper Airplane U.F.O

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Alright, the last one I found on amazon a collection of Paper Space Craft.

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