Elegant Tuxedo Origami

How to make Elegant Black Tuxedo.

Tuxedo is a semi-formal suit distinguished by satin or grosgrain facings on the Jacket's lapels and buttons. In US it is colloquially means TUX. I have another post of tuxedo origami but I never provide a diagram for that post. Today, let us make a super elegant tuxedo origami. I don't know if I classify it as origami because it involves cutting and folding at the same time. Anyway, lets do it. 
elegant tuxedo origami

Materials Needed:

1. Design and Pattern - Download in my google drive.
2. Super black card board type paper - Search in Amazon store or ebay
3. Scissors and cutter
4. Glue
5. Common sense.

Free Tuxedo Origami Diagram.

The diagram below is in low resolution, you can download the high resolution in the download page above.
Tuxedo origami pattern

Tuxedo origami pattern 2


1. Download the diagram provided
2. Print it in light colored paper
3. Trace the diagram into a black paper
4. Use your common sense to stick together the paper

5. Finish
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