Furnitures Origami: A Table

Table Furniture Origami
A table is a form of furniture featuring a flat and stationary horizontal upper surface used to support objects of interest, for storage, display, and/or manipulation. The surface must be held stable; for reasons of simplicity, this is commonly accomplished by support from below by either a columnar "base" or at least three columnar "legs".

Common design elements include:

    * rectangular, rounded, or semi-circular top surfaces
    * legs arranged in two or more similar pairs
    * several geometries of folding table that can be emptied and then collapsed into a smaller volume
    * heights ranging up and down from the most common 18-to-30-inch range, often reflecting the height of chairs or bar stools used as seating for people making use of a table, as for eating or performing various manipulations of objects resting on a table
    * presence or absence of drawers
    * expansion of the surface by insertion of leaves or locking hinged drop leaf sections into horizontal position.
Table Origami Diagram and Instructions:
Instructions: Hover mouse over the image to zoom in or click to enlarge


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