Animals Origami: Giraffe Origami

Giraffe Origami

Today I wanna give you Giraffe Origami. Personally I was not able to see yet the actual image of giraffe. when I was a child I remember one of my favorite subject of reading is about the story of giraffe. for the reason that I really appreciate its long neck. Even today I really enjoy watching videos related to giraffe I always subscribe to tv network which channel giraffe video cliff. Today I wanna share to share the folding technique and diagram in folding Giraffe as origami. Please see the details below, and hope this will help you enjoy and love making giraffe origami. Giraffe 

Giraffe Origami

Origami Giraffe Instructions

Origami Giraffe
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  1. I wanna learn that paper giraffe origami too! that would be a good art work to master.


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