Flowers Origami: Morning Glory

Morning Glory Origami- Today let us learn how to make origami flowers. Below is a free diagram of morning glory. Morning glory is a common name for thousands of flowering plants. It has different genera. In the ancient time this flower was used as a medicinal plants specially in China. In Japan, morning glory was used as an ornamental plants. Other family of this plants has contribution also in culinary. But now it is your task to do its Origami. Follow carefully the diagram below. This origami is just a simple one not complicated. Compare your result above. Enjoy!
Flowers and leaf
Morning Glory Folding Instructions

Tutorials and Diagram
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  1. Very pretty! You are super creative! I may give some origami a try! :)

  2. You have a very good looking blog. I am also trying to create a blog on Paper Origami. I am learning origami and at the same time trying to teach the art of paper folding by using Origami Tutorial Videos...


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