Star Festivel: Paper Star Ornament

Paper Star Ornament Origami- This paper star origami is best for this x-mas holiday. If you want to have simple and easy decoration with stunning result you must study this awesome origami. Here is the diagram below.

Paper Star Ornament Origami Folding Diagram

Step 1: Fold paper in half diagonally
(wrong sides together)
 Step 2: Rotate 90 degrees and fold in half 
along opposite diagonal
 Step 3: Fold in half (Right side together)
 Step 4: Rotate 90 degrees and fold in half again
Step 5: Cut slits along each of the straight folds,
a little less than halfway to the center
Step 6: Fold the corners in, lining them up carefully
with the diagonal fold
Step 7: Overlap the flaps using glue or
double sided tape to secured the points
Step 7: Repeat. Use hot glue to attach the two
halves. Add a ribbon for hanging
Paper Ornament
Final Result

 you can have different size by 
doing this origami on different sizes of Paper Also

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