How to make a bowtie Origami

Making bowtie Origami out of paper is fun. It is another way of expressing uniqueness in any party or in any occasion. You might ask how to make a bowtie out of paper. Okay, Let's do it now. Things you need to prepare: Paper for Origami any kind of paper, you can experiment what is the good one for this, because sometimes papers used in origami affects its overall look and performance. Next Ruler and Diagram

Note: In this Tutorial we will be cutting and pasting
this can be classified as Kirigami
make bowtie origami

Bow tie Origami Diagram
credit: fiberlab.com

 Step by steps Instructions

by: justinaoffiberlab.blogspot.com
Download the diagram above and start cutting the paper as seen above
Fold the bow similar to this photo above
Fold the bow strip like this photo above.
make crease lines by using the mountain and valley fold look at the manual above in the diagram.
Crease the fold. at the photos above
 Squeeze it
crease and make next group of folds
look at the image above compare your work
Your one side is complete. make similar to that by using the steps provided
You have now two sides of the bowtie

Part 2

 Cut the above part of the diagram make similar to this photo above
Flatten and make similar to this photo
Make a loop
Glue the have together using the loop
Finish Product

You can make different colors to make more attractive bow tie. Enjoy! and subscribe!

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