How to make Christmas Paper star Kirigami

Today I'm gonna show how to make paper star. Christmas Paper Star Strips. Christmas holiday is coming I want to post as early as today for this coming holiday. this is a simple way of making Christmas lantern made of paper. 

How to make Start strips
follow the steps below.

For the first star you need 12 long strips of paper . 
you can choose you own color. Size is A4
Pick two strips and fold it in half see pics below.

Glue together these two stripes on the center lines at
right angles , so that a cross is formed.
Add to more strips on both side.  The middle stripe is down , 
the two outer facing up. 
The white lines are to make more visible .
 Now weave and glue the top and bottom two strips 
so that a checkerboard pattern.
 Two adjacent outer stripe lift up and stick together 
as in the photo into a loop .
 Do the same with the remaining three sides ,
so that there are four loops . The element consists of 6 strips . 
The two middle stripes are still cross and flat on the table .
 Again so make a half - stars with the remaining 6 strips .
 Turn the second star and rotate by 45 ° as in the photo . 
Now they are already correctly to join they can.
Place the stars halves together. A loop is then applied 
by getting together with a central strip .
 Pull the center strip through the loop .
 The center strip is now up . Repeat this with all the stars Pip
 Strip and loop stick together .
 Cut off the excess strips with scissors .
 So then does the final star. This can now be secured with a 
thread and hung in the window or on the wall.
Paper star Strips

(Translated from: deschdanja.ch )

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