Butterfly Origami

Beautiful Butterfly Origami. There are many kinds of butterfly origami out there. You just need a pretty paper in any size. 
beautiful Butterfly Origami

Fold the paper twice in the middle 
and then turn around .Second fold both diagonals .
Merge 3 Two opposite sides and 
folded into a triangle shape . 
 The two upper wings fold to the center 
line to the top and flip the shape , with the top down .
 This tip now fold up so that it looks out over the edge . 
Where the wings to stand up not flatten (circles )
The superannuate tip fold backwards and 
turn around the form . 
The butterfly fold in half by the two 
upper wings are stacked .

Fold paper in half both ways and turn over . 
Fold diagonally both ways . 
Push two opposite sides together and 
flatten to a triangle . 
Fold Both upper layers to the mid line 
above and turn form over with top down . 
 Fold the top over the bottom edge , so the tip sticks 
out a little bit . Not flatten the raised edges (circle ) 

Fold the tip over the side and turn the form over .
Fold in half along the center line bringing 
Both wings together .

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