Origami Christmas Tree 3D

3D Origami Christmas tree

Today I want to share 3D Christmas Tree. I have already posted tutorial how of this on my previous post, my first post is actually a kind of 3D Christmas 3 in modular form. 
You can read my post here

3d Christmas Tree
But the method that I am going to share to your is a bit different from the previous. I don't know if you will agree or not but the method that i will be using is not and origami but rather kirigami because we will be using "cut method" to complete the process.
First: You need a square base folded in the middle and by diagonal
Second: Follow the picture below this preparation before we cut the paper
Fourth: Another cut from the sides of the triangle shape
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3D Origami Christmas Tree folding guide

Third: How and where to cut. see image below.

Bingo! The Final result is done. If you want to make big result the starting square paper should be big also. The toughness of your paper tree origami depends on the quality of paper you use. Enjoy! 

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  2. thanks a million..I love it so much..i hope you upload more


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