Origami Tuxedo

Tuxedo Origami Paper Crafts

I found a very interesting origami to work on. There is no diagram given and I am on the process thinking to make a diagram of this very cute and adorable origami. Making tuxedo out of paper.The picture below is a by product of an
Italian paper company which wish to make a template of Tuxedos out of paper. The result is the amazing tuxedos origami designed by a UK-based artist name Jonathan Schacketon. The result is amazing. Schacketon's was able to compile a list of paper samples of tuxedos so client can mix and match colors and patterns that best suit their needs.

Tuxedo Origami folding guide

Best Origami Tuxedo

The last image below is the sample of 

Tuxedos model for the client

Source: lostateminor.com

Elegant Tuxedo New Version
(with free diagram) 
Free tuxedo origami

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