3D star Modular Origami

3D Modular Origami Tutorial

Here is another tutorial for making 3D star Modular Origami. Modular origami is being used for decorations in different occasions. If you have bright and artistic mind you can use it to magnify your decorative skills. Teachers used it for classroom designs. So, here is the simple tutorial how to complete the folding.

 1. Begin the colored side up. fold the bottom to meet the top and unfold. then fold the        sides together and unfold.
2.Turn over. Fold the bottom point to meet the top and unfold. Repeat with the side             points
3. Fold the top down to the bottom. Do not unfold
4. Pinch as shown and push together
5. follow the photos in number 5
6. Fold the top layer of the sides points up to the top. Press them flat and unfold them.         then, repeat behind.

7. Separate the layers in the front back
8. The module is ready
9. Look at the photos for assembly. Photos 9 to 15
10 Final result

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