Top 5 Designs of 3D Origami Tree

Get an idea how to make Christmas tree. List of different styles of making 3D Origami Tree

All throughout the internet you will find different kinds, styles of making Christmas tree. Among the best 3 dimensional Origami Christmas tree I found are listed here. You can pick your own designs, color and styles that best suits your needs. Holiday is near, you can start making today.

Number 1

This life size Origami Christmas tree is made by British embassy for exhibition in Japan. They call it ambitious project. Its made up of 250 sheets of 20x30 inch of paper. It stood about 71 inches tall (not including the table) and 48 inches across and weighing 42 pounds. 

Origami-life size-paper crafts-huge
image credit: britishorigami.info

Number 2
This medium size origami is from Deviant art. Folded in three parts, the star, the leaves, the three and some decorative origami.
best-good-huge paper-tall
image credit: OrigamiChemist

Number 3

This 3d Origami is simple yet very attractive designs. Folded by
origamimaniacs.com you can find tutorial here
beatiful-simple-easy-3d diagram
image credit: origamimaniacs.com
Number 4

This amazing 3d Origami I found on tumblr. Unfotunately 
find tutorial of making this.
image credit: http://yungtityworzlz.tumblr.com/

Number 5

Elegant 3D Christmas tree from origamispirti.com
image credit: origamispirit.com

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