Dollar Bouquet Origami

Creative and unique ways of making bouquet of money

Let us make something special for today, materials need are money (any kind of banknotes), tape and candy sticks, flower pot, shredded paper.

Start with folding the money in accordion style.
see image below. Step 1


Now fold the accordion in half, then secure
 the both sides with tape
dollar-flower pot- flowers- bouquet

Secure tightly both sides with tape see image below. 

flowers-dollar-paper crafts

Tape the stick to the back of the money flower
on stick-on pot-flower pot- bouquet

Last step,make as many as it needs to fill in
small pots of your choice.

You"re done! Add some additional stuffs like, 
shredded paper on the pot to make it look 
like real flower pot. 
Tips: you can try different color of money, to 
make it look vibrant.

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