Handmade paper ship crafts

How to make handmade paper boat for fathers day gift.

Learn how to make paper shift crafts for fathers day that kids can make


I read in 

Huffington Post about "4 fun father's day idea" one idea that was mentioned 

was to make 

handmade paper boats, I have tutorials on how to make
steam boat origami but those are not special made as this one. Here you gonna
need a special kind of paper. You might probably look on ebay or amazon for it, 
or try this link I found on amazon 40 color origami paper but if you are out of budget
then, used news paper or old gift wrapper will do. 
This handmade paper boat will surely equipped you for any holiday special gifts.

Handmade paper boat instructions

Step 1: follow each simple instruction below, the instruction was pattern
after the simple boat origami


Step 2 : Follow this next set of instruction until the shape is made whole

Step 3: In this final stage, Inset skewer in the middle and fasten with glue
to make it stable, then put put from boat end to skewer. then you can add little triangular flag to make more attractive. You can always play with different 
color combination your taste. 

See image above for reference.

source | dawanda.com

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