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Learn how to make paper rose using colored paper

Today I wanna share how to make DIY paper rose, there are so many tutorial out there about making paper rose, it comes into different forms, but the tutorial I'm going to share to you is a bit different and unique, its techniques are simple yet, awesome. This tutorial uses heart shape as a starting petals, take a look at the details of tutorials below. I have origami rose tutorial you might want to visit and do its tutorial instead.

Materials needed
Heart punch or DIY heart
Quilling tool

Step 1 Make a central part of the heart -
 by rolling a heart loosely and gluing the vertex or tip of the heart. See image below for reference

Step 2 Make petals by rolling the top part of the heart. 
Use quilling tool to leverage your work. Make at least 5. You can make more than 5 petals if you want to look your image more fluffier. See image below

Step 3 Combine the petals and the central part of the flower by gluing it together. Repeat the process until all petals is attached to central part.
 see image below.


Rinse and repeat. Finish Product

source | cardsandschoolprojects.blogspot.in

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