Here comes new idea for fish origami

I recently found a new and interesting idea about fish origami. There are plenty of tutorials about origami fish out there but few are really stunning. 

Fantastic way of creating fish origami

origami fishes

Materials need:

1. Origami colored Paper (you can order from amazon)

                2. scissors
                3. pentel pen
                4. stapler or glue

Steps and Procedures:

1. Make a paper guide for fish origami.
Follow the image below.

new ideas for fish origami

2. Cut the paper in the following format below.
(you must cut 6 parallel grill shapes)

new ideas for fish origami

3. Fold the inner grills inside meeting them at the center
and glue together. (follow the instructions below.)

amazing fish origami

4. Finish the amazing fish origami by folding the outside grills
inward above the first folded grills and glue it. see image below.

amazing fish origami

5. Don't forget to draw the eyes. Enjoy!

 Fish origami variations from Pinterest

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