4 Insane (but true) photos of origami fish

There are plenty of origami models nowadays and I can tell you that most of them are amazing. I am fond of flowers origami they are the most stunning in my perspective and there are many different tutorials of its kind. Just recently I stumble on fish origami on Pinterest, and It caught my attention. I recently posted about origami fish and I found more ideas about it. I couldn't make tutorials to all of them so I just pick the best photos of them and post it here.

These are the 4 insane photos of fish origami in Pinterest

#1 Accordion Paper fish

This paper fish is really amazing. You can find the tutorial on
paper fish

accordion paper fish
 ( credit:krokotak.com)

#2 Accordion Paper fish 2

This paper fish is a variation of the first one above

 ( credit:krokotak.com)

#3 Colorful fish accents

I found this on Amazon. You can use this as decorative
artwork for your classroom or bulletin board. 
you can order for 9.99 usd here

new ideas for  fish origami

#4 Balike Yapini (Fish Making)

I found in Turkish blog. The pretty cool idea of making
fish origami. Somewhat similar to accordion fish origami
accordion fish origami

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