How to make 3 steps window star origami

I found the easiest and simples way of making simple star origami. In just 3 steps you can decorate your window with star origami. Waldorf window stars are the famous one. This is the modified version so friendly that even your kid can help you in doing this. 

easy way of making window star
Should you want your window stars to look similar to the photo above you must use a transparent paper. You can use "Origami paper made from poly (transparent) by Daiso from eBay. Check this link or click the image below.

window star transparent paper

3 Easy steps to a simple window star origami

#Step 1: Divide the transparent paper into half. 

#Step 2: Follow the folding direction from above to the image below. Glued together.

#Step 3: Arrange the image from step 2 in a spherical way. see image below and finished.

image credit: deschdanja.ch

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