Fun Origami:A Balloon

Balloon Origami- One of the interesting paper crafts is doing a balloon origami. Children loves to play balloons. Balloons are always present in gatherings and celebrations like birthdays, weddings, prom and many more. There are lots of Useful Origami that you can combine with balloons. Now its your turn to make your own balloon origami. The diagram is below for you to follow. Enjoy!

Easy balloon

Note: Balloon Origami stated here is not actually round shape but rather is a cubic shape
Balloon Origami Folding Diagram
simple balloon 
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  1. I actually tried it out!
    Its real fun!...now i wonder if i would not have been sleeping in my art class all these years...i really could have scored better! :-D :-P

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  2. yeah..regrets is always in the last


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