Santa Hat Origami

Simple to Make Santa Hat Origami

Christmas Holiday is coming Here is the an easy way of making Santa hat origami. This tutorial is children friendly. This Origami can be use for Christmas Holiday occasions.

Santa Hat origami Folding Diagram

Prepare the Following:
Step # 1 
You need a square sheet, which is on the front in red, white on the back. Turn the red side up and fold the top edge a strip (approximately 1 cm) down

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Step # 2 
 Fold now on the lower edge a strip to 
the top (also about 1 cm)

Step # 3
 Turning the sheet and mark the central 
points of the upper and lower edge.

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Step # 4 
 Now fold the two outer edges to the center

Step # 5

 Now, the right edge is folded obliquely inwards,
 so that the fold line extends
from the upper side middle point to 
below the lower cover.

Step # 6 
The standing on the center line part will 
be folded back again.

Step # 7 
 Repeat the previous 
two steps above

You can also try

Santa Christmas Cosplay Costume 

cost play-costume-origami

Step # 8 
 Now open the fold from step 6 and flap
 the outer edge of the projecting part
 to the center fold. Fold the open part 
is now back again.

Step # 9 

 Repeat step 8 for the left side. The upwardly projecting part
should now be reduced to half.
 Turn of the figure.

Step # 10 
Flap is now the top of the cap downward position.
 If you're looking to Lockto the back (inside) with adhesive tape, you can also open and as the cap. put on a bottle.

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