3D Origami Triangle

How to make DIY origami mounted organizer

Here is a simple tutorial of how to make simple mounted organizer in your home. First you need the following materials: Paint brush (for color), Hot glue, X actor knife or cutter, Ruler, Pencil, Card board and scissors.

Step 1. Download the template- you can modify in any like that you prefer. or you can draw it by yourself manually, all triangles are identical and and are adjacent

Step 2. Fold the cardboard along the edges. Mark the opposite of as a or b, Then glue them together.
Triangle origami DIY
Photo: cutoutandkeep.net
Your binding together you'll have know 3d origami triangle ready.
3d origami origanizer
Photo: cutoutandkeep.net
Step 3. Now, you can color the finish basket. You can make beautiful color combination you want. If you don't have idea what is best color combination you can use google and type "color combo" without quotes.
DIY origami
Photo: cutoutandkeep.net
Look and the following DIY decor to help you out.
DIY origami triangle

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